Welcome to Tampa Paranormal Investigators

Paranormal Research & Investigations in Tampa

TPI is dedicated to serving all of the West Coast of Florida as well as the whole State of Florida in the research and discovery of paranormal phenomena. The Team works in many levels using both conventional and unconventional methods. These methods include historical research, scientific research and the use of metaphysical investigation. Through the use of our methods we study each case with the respect, attention, and dedication they deserve…helping our clients break down facts and discover what may or may not be happening in their situation.

We perform paranormal investigations for businesses, private residences, as well as specific locations.  We not only try to communicate with spirits, we help trapped entities ‘cross over’ to a better place.  Our Goal is to prove the existence of an after life through scientific methods, experimentation, and research.  Our investigations are Free of charge (except in rare circumstances when distance or other expenses become a factor).   No one should have to live in fear from paranormal occurrences.

If you feel you are the victim of what you believe to be a haunting or paranormal situation, PLEASE click the “Contact TPI” link located throughout our web site and send us a detailed message of what you are experiencing.  We are willing to help in any way we can.

Whenever you contact us about an investigation, please have a few things ready for us. We need to know your location, what events are taking place and the frequency of them. Keeping a log is helpful when it comes to determining frequency of events. If an event has only happened once and has not occurred since, it will be extremely hard to get any conclusive data. On the other hand, if the events are on going, we may be able to conduct an investigation and collect a lot of valuable data. We also need to know if anyone has been threatened or harmed by a ghost. This will help in understanding the severity of the situation.

If you have an authentic paranormal picture or EVP you would like us to analyze or review, please send it to us and we will post it on our Paranormal Picture Gallery or EVP page respectfully.  We may wish to discuss your submission further with you.